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Words that rhyme with "before":

1 syllable:

baur, boar, boer, bohr, bore, borre, chore, clore, coar, cor, core, corps, corr, crore, d'or, doerr, dohr, door, dore, dorr, drawer, floor, flor, flore, frore, glor, glore, goar, gore, gorr, hoar, hoare, hoerr, horr, knorr, kohr, kor, laur, laure, loar, loehr, lohr, lore, mohr, moore, mor, more, morr, nor, nor', o'er, oar, or, ore, orr, por, pore, porr, pour, roar, rohr, saur, scaur, schnorr, schor, schorr, scor, score, shore, shorr, snore, soar, sor, sore, spaur, splore, spore, stoehr, stohr, store, storr, swore, thor, tor, tore, torr, torre, vore, war, warr, whore, wore, yore, your

2 syllables:

abhor, adore, air corps, al gore, ashore, back door, bandore, barn door, bator, boer war, car door, chain store, class war, cold sore, cold war, dance floor, decor, deplore, devor, dior, dressed ore, drug war, dutch door, elnore, explore, first floor, fly floor, forbore, fourscore, french door, front door, gabor, galore, germ pore, gilgore, great war, ground floor, gulf war, half door, hard core, hardcore, hot war, ignore, igor, implore, in store, inpour, inshore, jambor, labore, lahore, lalor, lamaur, lazor, lead ore, lenore, line score, longcor, mazor, mens store, next door, niels bohr, no more, offshore, once more, onshore, outroar, outsoar, pandore, peace corps, postwar, press corps, prestore, prewar, price floor, price war, rapport, restore, roquemore, rumore, screen door, sea floor, sedor, senhor, shoe store, shop floor, side door, stage door, storm door, sweep oar, swing door, trap door, turf war, wage floor, wild boar, world war

3 syllables:

alongshore, anymore, apgar score, armentor, army corps, balthazor, baseball score, bi-fold door, bobby orr, bowling score, buffer store, candy store, canker sore, cargo door, civil war, clothing store, country store, crimean war, dirty war, discount store, double door, evermore, fire door, first world war, flower store, folding door, football score, go to war, god of war, green lead ore, guarantor, hardware store, hatchback door, house of war, iron ore, know the score, liquor store, livermore, louis d'or, marine corps, meritor, mirador, more and more, nevermore, ocean floor, open door, ordnance store, outside door, overscore, overwore, package store, parquet floor, peacock ore, powder store, pressure sore, proxy war, punic war, push-down store, reporter, resting spore, retail store, robert orr, saddle sore, service door, set ashore, show the door, six day war, six-day war, sliding door, sloop of war, spanish war, state of war, swinging door, take the floor, thomas more, threshing floor, tidal bore, trading floor, trojan war, underscore, water pore, what is more, white lead ore, wicket door

4 syllables:

basketball score, christian dior, computer store, convenience store, dennis gabor, department store, espectador, esprit de corps, forevermore, general store, going ashore, grocery store, hundred years' war, jewelry store, korean war, limited war, magnetic core, mexican war, mezzanine floor, montemayor, musical score, persian gulf war, revolving door, second world war, second-hand store, seven years' war, sir thomas more, sotomayor, specialty store, thirty years' war, tropical sore, tv reporter, ulan bator, us marine corps, vietnam war, war to end war, warning of war, yom kippur war

5 syllables:

accordion door, building supply store, diplomatic corps, english civil war, exterior door, franco-prussian war, implements of war, interior door, iran-iraq war, on a higher floor, on a lower floor, oriental sore, prisoner of war, privilege of the floor, spanish civil war, suppurating sore, theater of war, theatre of war, uranium ore, villasenor, women's army corps

6 syllables:

arab-israeli war, chino-japanese war, french and indian war, haberdashery store, macedonian war, niels henrik david bohr, peloponnesian war, russo-japanese war, secretary of war, sino-japanese war

7 syllables:

american civil war, spanish-american war, television reporter, united states civil war, united states marine corps

8 syllables:

mary ashton rice livermore, reserve officers training corps

11 syllables:

american revolutionary war

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