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Words that rhyme with "fall":

1 syllable:

all, aull, awl, ball, bawl, brawl, call, caul, crall, crawl, dall, daul, drawl, gall, gaul, gaulle, grall, graul, hall, haul, kall, kaul, krall, krol, kroll, lall, mall, maul, maule, maull, mol, nall, pall, paul, paule, paull, pol, prall, rall, raul, rawl, sall, saul, schall, schmall, schnall, schwall, scrawl, shaul, shaull, shawl, small, spall, sprawl, squall, stall, tall, taul, thall, thrall, trawl, wal, wall, walle, yawl

2 syllables:

antol, appal, appall, asprawl, at all, bacall, baseball, beach ball, becrawl, beer hall, bemaul, bengal, blue wall, bocce ball, cell wall, close call, crank call, crown gall, cue ball, curve ball, dance hall, de gaulle, depaul, dirt ball, dry wall, ecole, ecoles, edsall, eight ball, engwall, enthral, enthrall, fair ball, fairall, fish ball, fly ball, forestall, foul ball, front crawl, fuck all, golf ball, great hall, great wall, ground ball, gum ball, hair ball, hamaul, heal all, in all, instal, install, inthral, inthrall, inwall, jump ball, line squall, long haul, mail call, masked ball, mccall, mccaul, mcnall, mehall, mess hall, metall, miscall, nepal, net ball, no ball, pall mall, passed ball, phone call, pool ball, prayer shawl, pub crawl, recall, riyal, roll call, sabol, saint paul, scratch awl, sick call, squash ball, st. paul, stone wall, strip mall, tea ball, toll call, town hall, trunk call, vandall, vanhall, vantol, withal

3 syllables:

above all, after all, alice paul, all in all, asaph hall, bearing wall, bell-like call, best of all, billiard ball, billiard hall, bocci ball, boccie ball, bosie ball, bowling ball, breaking ball, bugger all, bugle call, camphor ball, cannon ball, charles de gaulle, chinese wall, city hall, codfish ball, coffee stall, collect call, concert hall, cotton ball, cricket ball, croquet ball, crystal ball, curtain call, disenthral, disenthrall, distress call, drop the ball, dry-stone wall, entrance hall, espanol, feather ball, first of all, function call, gable wall, hanging wall, have a ball, hiring hall, lacrosse ball, least of all, local call, lucille ball, manor hall, margin call, matzah ball, matzo ball, matzoh ball, melon ball, montreal, music hall, musket ball, muster call, ninepin ball, object ball, overhaul, party wall, peterpaul, ping-pong ball, playground ball, polo ball, popcorn ball, port of call, punching ball, rifle ball, roulette ball, rugby ball, senegal, service call, shopping mall, shower stall, siren call, skittle ball, soccer ball, starting stall, study hall, system call, tennis ball, therewithal, two-note call, urban sprawl, wailing wall, wake-up call, west bengal, wiffle ball

4 syllables:

antonine wall, apostle paul, assembly hall, australian crawl, bay of bengal, be on the ball, cavity wall, change-of-pace ball, charles francis hall, charles martin hall, conference call, fancy-dress ball, field hockey ball, g. stanley hall, hadrian's wall, long-distance call, masquerade ball, medicine ball, once and for all, porcupine ball, radclyffe hall, residence hall, retaining wall, submarine ball, tammany hall, telephone call

5 syllables:

abdominal wall, be all and end all, exhibition hall, general de gaulle, granville stanley hall, independence hall, kingdom of nepal, proscenium wall, qatari riyal, saints peter and paul

6 syllables:

capital of nepal, general charles de gaulle, interim overhaul, professional baseball

7 syllables:

capital of senegal, marguerite radclyffe hall, republic of senegal

8 syllables:

saudi arabian riyal

9 syllables:

charles andre joseph marie de gaulle

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