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Words that rhyme with "soul":

1 syllable:

boal, boehl, bohl, bole, boll, bowl, buol, coal, coale, cole, colle, croll, dhole, doell, dol, dole, droll, foal, fohl, goal, gohl, groll, hoel, hoell, hoelle, hohl, hole, jole, knoell, knoll, koehl, koelle, kohl, kole, mohl, mol, mole, noell, nohl, nole, noll, ol', ole, pfohl, poehl, pohl, pole, poll, proehl, prole, roehl, roell, roelle, rohl, role, roll, rolle, schaul, scholle, schroll, scroll, shoal, shole, skoal, stohl, stol, stole, stoll, strohl, strole, stroll, thoele, thole, toal, toelle, tole, toll, troll, voell, vole, whole, woehl, wohl

2 syllables:

air hole, barge pole, black hole, bricole, brown coal, cajole, church roll, condole, control, death toll, deed poll, devaul, drill hole, drum roll, dust bowl, ear hole, ecole, egg roll, enrol, enroll, enscroll, extol, extoll, field goal, fish bowl, forepole, fox hole, funk hole, golf hole, hard coal, hard roll, hop pole, inscroll, madole, mccole, mccoll, mcdole, mouth hole, nail hole, nicole, nicolle, north pole, own goal, parol, parole, patrol, pine vole, pipe bowl, pistole, post hole, pouched mole, punch bowl, range pole, red cole, red poll, sea coal, sea cole, shot hole, shrew mole, ski pole, slop bowl, smoke hole, snap roll, soft coal, soft roll, sound hole, soup bowl, south pole, spring roll, steam coal, straw poll, sweet roll, swiss roll, unroll, uss cole, viole, wood coal

3 syllables:

arms control, barber's pole, barrel roll, birth control, brewer's mole, bullet hole, button hole, cannel coal, carmagnole, coffee roll, crescent roll, crowd control, cruise control, decontrol, escarole, espagnole, espanol, exit poll, finger bowl, finger hole, fishing pole, flight control, flood control, gender role, glory hole, golden mole, goldfish bowl, gopher hole, ground control, gun control, hair-tailed mole, hypergol, job control, kaiser roll, kettle hole, lubber's hole, meadow vole, minor role, mixing bowl, muster roll, ocarroll, on the whole, onion roll, ozone hole, patient role, pinwheel roll, prairie vole, price control, rabbit hole, ranging pole, redback vole, rock 'n' roll, rock and roll, rock-and-roll, salad bowl, sausage roll, self-control, shore patrol, star-nosed mole, starnose mole, sugar bowl, swallow hole, swimming hole, take control, title role, toilet bowl, toilet roll, totem pole, water hole, water vole

4 syllables:

affected role, agentive role, airborne patrol, anthracite coal, beyond control, border patrol, celestial pole, cereal bowl, cinnamon roll, clover-leaf roll, damage control, fire control, gaining control, hamburger roll, harbor patrol, hydatid mole, line of control, locative role, magnetic pole, motor control, negative pole, north-seeking pole, opinion poll, parker house roll, positive pole, remote control, resultant role, richardson vole, riot control, sauce espagnole, semantic role, servocontrol, social control, south-seeking pole, telegraph pole, telephone pole, temporal role, traffic control, vienna roll, watering hole

5 syllables:

benefactive role, bituminous coal, instrumental role, internal control, management control, marsupial mole, north celestial pole, participant role, quality control, recipient role, round-the-clock patrol, south celestial pole, theatrical role, us border patrol

6 syllables:

american shrew mole, asiatic shrew mole, chicory escarole, hydatidiform mole, inventory control, military control, population control, public opinion poll, tetrahydropyrrole

7 syllables:

negative magnetic pole, positive magnetic pole, tetraiodopyrrole

8 syllables:

rhythm method of birth control, united states border patrol

9 syllables:

calendar method of birth control

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