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Words that nearly rhyme with "better":

2 syllables:

actor, adder, after, antler, antre, aster, atar, attar, banter, batter, bedder, bettor, bister, bistre, bitar, bitter, bladder, blatter, blister, bluster, buster, butler, butter, canter, cantor, capper, captor, caster, castor, center, centner, centre, chanter, chapter, chatter, cheddar, chipper, chitter, chuddar, chunter, clapper, clatter, clepper, clipper, cluster, clutter, clyster, critter, crupper, cupper, cutler, cutter, dabster, dapper, deader, dempster, dexter, dipper, ditter, dragster, drifter, ductor, duster, eder, emptor, enter, ester, factor, fatter, fedder, feder, fedor, fester, fettler, fibster, filter, fitter, flapper, flatter, flipper, flitter, fluster, flutter, frater, fritter, funster, gagster, gaster, gitter, glidder, glister, glitter, grantor, gridder, grifter, gripper, gritter, grunter, gunter, gutser, gutter, hamster, hatter, header, hector, hepper, hipster, hitter, huckster, hunter, jadder, jester, jitter, kelter, kilter, kipper, klepper, klister, knepper, knitter, ladder, lamster, lapper, latter, laughter, lector, leder, lehder, leper, lepper, lepre, lictor, linter, lipper, lister, litter, luster, lustre, madder, maeder, master, matter, medar, melter, milter, minster, mister, muster, mutter, napper, natter, nectar, nipper, nutter, panter, pantler, pastor, patter, pelter, peper, pepper, pester, philter, philtre, pipper, plantar, planter, plaster, platter, printer, psykter, punster, questor, quitter, quittor, raeder, rafter, rapper, raptor, raster, ratter, rector, redder, reder, rehder, renter, ritter, rudder, rustre, sapper, sater, satter, scatter, scepter, sceptre, schlatter, schlitter, schmitter, schnapper, schraeder, scrapper, sculptor, scupper, scutter, sector, settlor, shatter, shedder, shelter, shipper, shredder, shudder, shutter, sinter, sipper, sister, sitar, sitter, skipper, skitter, slatter, slipper, smatter, smelter, snapper, snifter, spatter, specter, spectre, spelter, spinster, spitter, splatter, splinter, splutter, spreader, spudder, sputter, stenter, stepper, strapper, stripper, stutter, sumpter, supper, sutler, swelter, tapper, tapster, tatar, tatter, tattler, tedder, tenter, tepper, tester, thruster, tipper, tipster, titfer, titter, tractor, tranter, trapper, trickster, tripper, trustor, twister, twitter, udder, upper, utter, vatter, vector, vedder, venter, victor, victualler, vintner, welter, wester, whipster, winter, witter, wrapper, xyster, yatter, yester, zipper

3 syllables:

abductor, abetter, abettor, abstractor, abutter, accentor, accepter, acceptor, adapter, adaptor, adductor, aflutter, agister, aglitter, arrester, assentor, atwitter, augmenter, bedsitter, bespatter, bimester, bisector, cadastre, canaster, collector, combustor, concenter, concentre, conductor, connector, consider, constrictor, contester, convector, corrector, cremaster, cytaster, decanter, decenter, decentre, defector, deflector, delustre, destructor, detector, diaster, digester, digestor, director, disaster, dissenter, eductor, effecter, effector, effractor, ejector, elector, embitter, emitter, enchanter, enlister, erector, extractor, frequenter, headmaster, hereafter, imbitter, inductor, injector, inspector, instanter, instructor, inventer, inventor, levanter, mcfatter, mcphatter, midwinter, newsletter, northwester, objector, pacesetter, piaster, piastre, pilaster, pinaster, pinsetter, precentor, preceptor, predictor, preventer, projector, prosector, protector, protractor, rattler, rebutter, reductor, reenter, reflector, refractor, rejecter, remitter, remittor, resistor, respector, retractor, scienter, selector, semester, sequester, settler, softletter, southwester, standpatter, subtractor, succentor, thereafter, thermistor, tormentor, transistor, transmitter, trendsetter, trimester, trochanter, typesetter, uplifter, vannatter, varistor, whereafter, wohlstetter

4 syllables:

acusector, ambidexter, carburettor, disconsider, doubleheader, hereinafter, interceptor, interrupter, nonconductor, oleaster, overwinter, polyhistor, preselector, reconsider, rosentreter, surrebutter, thereinafter, thioester, underbidder

5 syllables:

acetobacter, chemoreceptor, circumferentor, cotoneaster, exteroceptor, interoceptor, phonoreceptor, photoreceptor, phototransistor, pressoreceptor, proprioceptor, semiconductor, vasoconstrictor, verticillaster

6 syllables:

frigidoreceptor, mechanoreceptor, olfactoreceptor

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