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Words that nearly rhyme with "cause":

1 syllable:

aase, as, baus, beaus, beaux, blas, blue's, blues, boos, booz, booze, bos, boss, bosse, bras, brause, braz, brews, brose, bruise, bruse, buse, buus, buzz, cars, chews, choose, chose, claus, claws, clews, clos, close, clothes, clues, cords, corves, coups, coz, coze, crew's, crews, cross, crosse, croze, cruise, cruse, cruz, cruze, cues, daus, dawes, daws, dazs, dews, do's, does, doze, draus, draws, drewes, drews, dross, druse, druze, dues, faus, flaws, floss, flus, foos, fosse, froze, fuse, fuzz, gaus, gause, glaus, gloze, glues, gnaws, goes, goos, gosse, groos, grosse, guse, haas, haase, haass, hahs, has, hasse, hawes, haws, hewes, hews, hoise, hoos, hose, hoss, hues, hughes, hughs, huse, jaws, jazz, jews, joos, kaas, kaus, klaas, kloos, klos, knaus, koos, kos, kruse, kuse, kuze, las, law's, lawes, laws, leu's, loos, lose, loss, luiz, luse, luz, maass, maus, meuse, mewes, mohs, moos, moss, mraz, muise, muse, muzz, naus, news, news', noise, nose, oohs, ooze, paws, pews, poise, pose, prause, prose, queues, roos, roose, ross, rosse, ruse, sauce, saus, sause, saws, screws, shaw's, shoe's, shoes, sias, skewes, skews, snooze, soos, sous, spews, stew's, stews, straws, sues, taj, tawes, tewes, tews, thaws, theus, those, throughs, two's, twos, u.'s, use, views, vohs, vos, vyas, was, waugh's, wharves, who's, whose, woo's, woos, yew's, yoos, zoo's, zoos

2 syllables:

abbas, abuse, abuzz, accrues, accuse, across, alsace, amuse, appose, arose, barrage, bateaux, because, canoes, cebu's, chateaus, collage, compose, confuse, corsage, defuse, demoss, depose, devoss, diffuse, disclose, dispose, dressage, emboss, enclose, ensues, eschews, excuse, expose, foreclose, garage, grandma's, guffaws, hamas, impose, inclose, infuse, inlaws, jammu's, kjos, lacoss, lacrosse, lafosse, laidlaw's, macaws, mahfouz, maillots, massage, mccaw's, mirage, miscues, misuse, ocaw's, oppose, outcross, peru's, peruse, pizazz, pizzazz, poudreuse, propose, pursues, quatorze, refuse, renews, repose, review's, reviews, revues, shampoos, suppose, taboos, tattoos, thrombose, tomas, toulouse, transpose, uncaused, unclose, vanoss, whereas, withdraws

3 syllables:

aeropause, arkansas's, decompose, diapause, discompose, entourage, erminois, homopause, indispose, intercross, interpose, juxtapose, kangaroos, mesopause, omaha's, overpoise, overuse, panama's, precieuse, predispose, presuppose, razzmatazz, recompose, reimpose, semigloss, serpose, superpose, tropopause

4 syllables:

avoirdupois, entrepreneuse, hesperinos, ionopause, laboratoires, overexpose, photocompose, superimpose, underexpose

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