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Words that nearly rhyme with "feeling":

2 syllables:

ailing, aiming, ayling, bailing, baling, beagling, beaming, billing, blaming, breining, brining, brisling, building, cabling, caning, childing, claiming, cleaning, climbing, diming, dining, draining, dreaming, dreiling, drilling, eanling, failing, feigning, fiddling, filing, filling, filming, fining, flailing, flaming, framing, frilling, fryling, gaining, gaming, gilding, gilling, gleaming, gleaning, grayling, greening, greenling, grizzling, hailing, haning, hilding, inning, jailing, keening, killing, kilting, kindling, kitling, kreiling, laning, leaming, leaning, leeming, leming, liming, lining, mailing, meaning, milling, mining, nailing, naming, niggling, paling, pigling, piling, pindling, pining, preening, priming, princeling, queening, quilling, quilting, quisling, railing, raining, reigning, reiling, reining, rhyming, sailing, saling, scaling, scheming, screaming, screening, seedling, seeming, shaveling, shieling, shining, sideling, signing, skimming, smiling, snailing, spindling, spinning, staining, steaming, steening, straining, streaming, stripling, styling, swimming, tailing, taming, teaming, teeming, thrilling, tiling, timing, tinning, trailing, training, trifling, trill, trilling, trimming, twining, unmask, veiling, vining, wailing, waling, waning, weakling, weaning, whaling, whining, whistling, whittling, wilding, wildling, willing, wining, winning, witling, yeanling, yielding

3 syllables:

abstaining, aligning, assailing, assigning, attaining, beginning, beguiling, campaigning, careening, combining, compiling, complaining, confining, constraining, containing, convening, curtailing, cycling, declining, defining, demeaning, derailing, designing, detailing, detaining, disclaiming, disdaining, divining, entailing, exclaiming, explaining, freewheeling, inclining, inflaming, inhaling, machining, maintaining, manstealing, middling, obtaining, opining, pertaining, piddling, prevailing, proclaiming, quibbling, reclaiming, reclining, redeeming, refining, refraining, regaining, regaling, remaining, renaming, resigning, restraining, retaining, retraining, sustaining, tabling, unfailing, unfeeling, unsmiling, unveiling, unwilling, vanhyning

4 syllables:

enabling, entertaining, interlining, intervening, overweening, realigning, reassigning, redefining, redesigning, unavailing, undesigning

5 syllables:


6 syllables:


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