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Words that nearly rhyme with "friend":

1 syllable:

aird, aired, and, baird, band, banged, banned, bared, bed, begged, beld, ben, bendt, bent, bente, bild, billed, bind, bland, blared, bled, blent, blind, blond, blonde, bond, bonde, boned, bound, brand, brande, braund, bread, bred, brent, brimmed, browned, build, bund, bunde, burned, canned, cared, celled, cense, cent, chained, chaired, chand, chemed, childe, chilled, churned, cleaned, cleanse, cloned, coined, conde, conned, crammed, crowned, dammed, damned, dared, dawned, dead, den, dens, dense, dent, dente, dimmed, dined, donde, donned, downed, drained, dread, dredge, dredged, drilled, droned, drowned, dunned, dwelled, earned, ebbed, edge, edged, egged, eld, emde, ens, ent, erred, fanned, fared, fed, feigned, feld, felde, felled, fen, fence, fendt, fenks, fent, fiend, filled, find, fined, finned, fjeld, flared, fled, fledge, fledged, flense, fond, found, freind, fremd, freund, frond, fronde, frowned, fund, gained, ged, gedd, geld, gens, gent, ghent, ginned, gland, glared, gleaned, gled, glen, gond, grained, grand, grande, greened, grilled, grind, grinde, grinned, groaned, groined, ground, grund, guild, gunned, haired, hamed, hand, hanged, head, heads, hedge, hedged, held, helmed, hemmed, hen, hence, hent, hild, hilde, hind, hinde, honed, hound, hund, hynd, jammed, jent, joined, ked, kedge, ken, kent, killed, kind, kunde, laird, land, lande, lead, leaned, leant, learned, led, ledge, lens, lent, limbed, lind, linde, lindh, lined, loaned, loynd, lund, lunde, lynd, lynde, maned, manned, maund, meant, meld, men, mense, mente, milled, mind, mined, moaned, monde, mound, mund, owned, pained, paired, panned, pared, pawned, pegged, pen, pence, pent, pfund, phoned, pinned, planed, planned, pled, pledge, pledged, pond, pound, preened, pruned, pschent, quelled, rained, rammed, rand, red, redd, reigned, reined, rend, rende, rent, revved, rimmed, rind, ringed, round, rund, runde, saidst, sand, sande, scanned, scared, scent, schlund, schwent, schwind, sclent, screened, sedge, sen, sense, sent, shand, shared, shed, shelled, shelved, shined, shred, shunned, signed, sind, sinned, skilled, skimmed, skinned, sklent, slammed, sled, sledge, slimmed, smelled, snared, sound, spanned, spared, spawned, sped, spelled, spence, spent, spilde, spilled, sprained, spread, sprent, spurned, squared, stained, stand, stared, stead, stemmed, stent, stilled, stoned, strained, strand, strande, stringed, stunned, sund, sunde, swelled, swooned, tanned, ted, ten, tense, tent, then, thence, there'd, thinned, thread, thrilled, tinged, tinned, toned, trained, tread, trend, trent, trimmed, tunde, tuned, turned, twined, twinned, und, vande, veg, vent, wand, waned, weaned, webbed, wed, wedge, wedged, weld, wen, wendt, went, wente, when, whence, willed, wind, wined, winged, wound, wren, yawned, yearned, yeld, yelled, yen, zared, zed, zent, zoned

2 syllables:

abed, abound, abscind, absent, abstained, accent, adjourned, again, against, aground, ahead, aligned, allege, alleged, allmond, amen, amends, anenst, anent, around, arraigned, ascent, assent, assigned, astound, attained, attent, attuned, augment, backbend, ballooned, bartend, befriend, behead, beheld, behind, bemoaned, bespread, besprent, bestead, bested, beyond, bookend, bourland, boyfriend, campaigned, careened, cayenne, cement, chagrined, coed, combined, command, commence, compared, compelled, complained, compound, concent, concerned, condemned, condense, condensed, condoned, confined, confound, consent, consigned, constrained, contained, content, convened, corralled, declared, declined, defence, defense, defined, defund, deland, delead, demand, dement, demond, descent, designed, despaired, dessent, detained, detent, dethroned, disband, discerned, disdained, disowned, dispelled, dispense, dispread, dissent, disspread, distent, distilled, douzaine, downtrend, downwind, doyen, doyenne, doyennes, doyens, dumond, elkind, embed, enjoined, enshrined, ensnared, entwined, event, excelled, expand, expelled, expense, explained, expound, exscind, extent, ferment, fernand, festooned, firsthand, foment, forespent, forewent, fornenst, fornent, forspent, forwent, frequent, fulfilled, gaumond, girlfriend, godsend, goodfriend, greyhen, gschwind, guimond, gutfreund, harangued, hoiland, homebred, hornblende, imbed, immense, impaired, impelled, impledge, impound, impugned, inbound, inbred, inclined, indent, ingrained, instead, instilled, intense, intent, intoned, invent, kwaiken, laband, lafond, lament, lamond, lampooned, leblond, legged, linebred, loanblend, lowbred, machined, maintained, maligned, mankind, marchand, marooned, mckeand, misbrand, misspelled, misspent, newfound, nondense, obtained, obtund, offence, offense, offhand, opined, ordained, outspend, outspent, outspread, outstand, outwent, outwind, percent, pertained, pitchblende, postponed, precent, premed, prepared, prepense, prescind, present, pretence, prevent, profound, propelled, purloined, rebelled, rebound, rebuild, redound, refined, refrained, refund, regained, rejoined, relent, remained, remand, remind, renowned, repaired, repand, repelled, repent, rescind, resent, resigned, respond, restrained, retained, retrained, retread, returned, rotund, segment, surround, suspense, sustained, tashkent, torment, unbed, unbent, unbound, unburned, unearned, unfed, unfenced, unfilled, unhand, unhedged, unkind, unlined, unmanned, unmeant, unpen, unplanned, unread, unrent, unsaid, unshed, unsigned, unskilled, unsound, unspent, unsunned, untanned, unthread, untrained, untread, unturned, unwed, unwind, unwound, upheld, uptrend, wallsend, weekend, widespread, withheld, withstand, yearend

3 syllables:

ascertained, circumvent, confirmand, correspond, countermand, discontent, disinclined, dividend, entertained, exboyfriend, faciend, gen, infrared, interbed, intertwined, intervened, julienne, minuend, nonevent, orient, overhead, overspend, overspent, overspread, overstand, persiennes, preordained, realigned, reassigned, recommence, reconvened, redefined, redemand, redesigned, reinvent, represent, rosamund, secondhand, subtrahend, superfund, thereagainst, thereanent, ultrared, ultrasound, unconcerned, unconfined, unconstrained, undeclared, undefined, underbred, underfed, undermanned, undermined, understand, underwent, unexcelled, unexplained, unfulfilled, unimpaired, unprepared, unrefined, unrestrained, varsovienne, vilipend

4 syllables:

algerienne, comedienne, cracovienne, equestrienne, meridienne, meridiennes, misrepresent, misunderstand, multiplicand, privatdocent, tragedienne, underwithheld

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