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Words that nearly rhyme with "hope":

1 syllable:

bloat, boat, bobe, choat, choate, coat, cobe, coop, cote, croup, daube, doat, dote, doup, droop, drop, drupe, dupe, float, gloat, globe, goat, goop, groat, grobe, grote, group, haute, holp, hoop, jaup, jawp, job, jobe, jupe, kaup, kaupp, knaup, kobe, lobe, loeb, loop, lote, loupe, moat, mobe, mote, note, nowt, oat, op, paup, poop, pote, probe, quote, raup, raupp, roat, robe, rote, roup, schaut, scoop, scroop, shoat, shobe, shote, sloat, sloate, sloop, slote, smote, snoop, soup, sproat, staup, stoat, stoit, stoop, stoup, strobe, stupe, swoop, thobe, throat, tobe, top, tote, troop, troupe, vogt, vote, warp, whoop, wrote, yawp

2 syllables:

afloat, backrope, bacote, banxquote, boltrope, capote, chipote, chuppoth, conglobe, connote, demote, denote, devote, disrobe, dragrope, ducote, emote, engobe, enrobe, footrope, garote, garrote, gemot, hinote, jawrope, latrobe, manrope, misquote, outvote, promote, recoup, refloat, regroup, remote, rewrote, saloop, softsoap, stanhope, tightrope, towrope, unhoped, unquote, unrobe, vannote, wainrope, worldscope

3 syllables:

aeroscope, allotrope, anoscope, antelope, antipope, asthenope, auriscope, baroscope, bioscope, bronchoscope, cantaloupe, celoscope, chronoscope, coeloscope, conoscope, cystoscope, diascope, dichroscope, endoscope, entrecote, envelope, episcope, epitope, fiberscope, fluoroscope, gastroscope, gyroscope, intergroup, introscope, isentrope, isotope, kinescope, lactoscope, lycanthrope, lychnoscope, marketscope, metascope, metroscope, microscope, misanthrope, mutoscope, ondoscope, otoscope, partenope, periscope, phalarope, philanthrope, presbyope, proctoscope, protopope, pseudoscope, radarscope, rheoscope, rheotrope, rhinoscope, seismoscope, skiascope, sniperscope, snooperscope, spectroscope, statoscope, stethoscope, stroboscope, synchroscope, teleprobe, telescope, thaumatrope, thermoscope, underquote, underwrote, vitascope, zoetrope

4 syllables:

amblyoscope, anemoscope, astigmoscope, azeotrope, celioscope, deuteranope, dichroiscope, electroscope, galactoscope, galvanoscope, gonadotrope, iconoscope, kaleidoscope, keratoscope, kinetoscope, laparoscope, laryngoscope, ophthalmoscope, opthalmoscope, oscilloscope, pharyngoscope, phonendoscope, phosphoroscope, polariscope, retinoscope, roentgenoscope, rontgenoscope, sideroscope, spinthariscope, stereoscope, synchronoscope, tachistoscope, triantelope, urethroscope

5 syllables:

anaglyphoscope, anamorphoscope, astigmatoscope, epidiascope, isoteniscope, monosaccharide, orthiconoscope, photomicroscope, telespectroscope, ultramicroscope

6 syllables:

hypopharyngoscope, radioisotope, spectropolariscope, stereometry

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