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Words that nearly rhyme with "past":

1 syllable:

aced, act, aft, amt, ant, apse, apt, ask, asp, ass, aunt, aust, ax, axe, bach, backed, bandt, bant, based, bashed, bask, basque, bass, bat, batch, bats, batt, beast, berst, best, beste, blacked, blat, blessed, blest, blushed, blust, boast, boost, bost, braced, brach, bracht, bract, bradt, brandt, brant, brasque, brass, brat, breast, brest, brost, brushed, brust, burst, bused, bussed, bust, calced, calfed, calx, can't, canst, cant, capped, cashed, cask, casque, casqued, cat, catch, ceased, chance, chant, chaps, chased, chaste, chat, chest, chrest, christ, chryst, cist, clapped, clapt, clashed, clasp, claspt, class, coast, cost, coste, cracked, craft, craps, crashed, crass, cratch, crest, crist, crossed, crushed, crust, cursed, cyst, daft, dance, dant, daoust, dashed, dest, diced, dost, doused, draft, drat, draught, draughts, dressed, drest, drost, droste, durst, dust, east, este, faced, fact, falx, fant, fat, fats, faust, feast, feist, fest, first, fist, flaps, flashed, flask, flat, flax, fleeced, fleshed, flushed, foist, foust, frat, fratch, frist, frost, furst, fussed, fust, gant, gantt, gas, gasp, gat, geist, gerst, gest, geste, ghost, ghrist, gist, glance, glass, glossed, glost, gnat, graced, graft, gramps, grandt, grant, grasp, grass, greased, grist, grossed, groused, guessed, guest, gushed, gust, guste, hacked, hadst, haft, hance, hant, hashed, hasp, haste, hat, hatch, hatched, hearst, heist, herst, hest, hirst, hissed, hoist, host, hurst, hushed, hust, iced, jacked, jandt, jest, joist, joost, jost, just, kandt, kant, keast, kept, kerst, khost, kirst, kissed, kist, kleist, knost, knust, kost, kracht, krafft, kraft, kragt, krist, laced, lacked, lance, landt, lant, lapped, lapse, lashed, lass, last, latch, latched, laughed, launce, lax, leased, least, lest, list, liszt, loosed, lost, lust, macht, mandt, manse, mapped, mashed, mask, masked, mass, mat, match, matched, matt, matte, maust, meshed, messed, mest, missed, mist, moist, most, must, nance, napped, natch, nest, neste, nist, nursed, ost, oust, paced, packed, pact, pant, pants, pass, passed, paste, pat, patch, patched, pax, pest, pfost, pieced, placed, plant, plante, plat, post, poust, pracht, prance, prat, pressed, prest, priced, priest, prost, proust, prust, pursed, quant, quast, quest, quinte, quist, raced, racked, raft, rance, rant, rapped, rapt, rasp, rat, ratch, rest, reust, rist, roast, roost, rost, ruest, rushed, rust, sacked, sandt, sant, sapped, sass, sat, sax, scant, scat, scatt, schacht, schrandt, scrapped, scratch, scratched, shaft, shalt, slacked, slacks, slant, slapped, slashed, slat, slatch, sliced, smacked, smashed, snapped, snatched, spaced, spat, spiced, splashed, splat, spliced, sprat, spruced, squashed, stacked, stadt, staffed, stance, stant, stashed, strapped, strass, stressed, swats, tace, tache, tacked, tact, taft, tant, tapped, taps, task, tass, tasse, taste, tat, tax, test, that, thatch, thatched, thirst, thrashed, thrust, toast, tossed, toste, traced, tracht, tracked, tract, trance, trans, trant, trapped, traps, trashed, trass, trest, trieste, troost, trost, trussed, trust, tryst, twist, vas, vat, versed, vest, voest, voiced, waft, waist, washed, wast, waste, wat, wax, weast, werst, west, whacked, wist, woeste, worst, wracked, wrapped, wrasse, wrest, wrist, wurst, yant, yeast, yoast, yost, yust, zant, zapped, zest

2 syllables:

abaft, abashed, abreast, abstract, accost, acquest, adapt, addressed, addwest, adjust, adust, advance, advanced, alas, amass, amcast, amhoist, appressed, arrest, askance, askant, aslant, assessed, assist, attach, attached, attacked, attest, attract, august, bagasse, bankeast, baptiste, bechance, beclasp, bedfast, begat, begats, behest, belfast, bequest, borasque, bourrasque, broadcast, bypassed, cabossed, celeste, clevetrust, coact, coerced, collapse, combat, combust, comcast, compact, compressed, confessed, congest, congrats, consist, contest, contract, contrast, conversed, cravat, crevasse, cuirass, d'allest, debased, decant, deceased, declass, decreased, deduced, defaced, defat, defrost, degas, degust, delist, depressed, derust, descant, desist, despatch, detach, detached, detest, detract, devest, diffract, digest, disbursed, discalced, discant, discussed, disgraced, disgust, dismissed, dispatch, dispatched, dispersed, displaced, displant, distaste, distract, distressed, distrust, divest, downcast, durmast, egest, elapse, embossed, embraced, emersed, enact, encased, enchant, enclasp, encrust, engraft, engrossed, enhance, enhanced, enlist, enmeshed, enrapt, enticed, entrust, erased, etapes, exact, exhaust, exist, expanse, expat, explant, expressed, extract, farwest, filasse, finance, finessed, forecast, foremast, forepassed, foretaste, forgat, funest, gallant, handcraft, handfast, headfirst, hereat, holdfast, immersed, impact, implant, impressed, imprest, inapt, inclasp, increased, incrust, induced, infest, infract, ingest, ingraft, insist, intact, intrust, invest, lacoste, lambaste, levant, lightfast, luckiest, mainmast, makefast, medfirst, megass, midpriced, midwest, mischance, mismatch, mismatched, misplaced, mispriced, mistrust, molest, morass, natwest, ne, newscast, nonfat, nonplussed, northeast, northwest, norwest, obsessed, obtest, offcast, oppressed, outact, outcast, outcaste, outclass, outlast, outmatch, outsat, paillasse, palliasse, penwest, perchance, perhaps, persist, policed, possessed, prestressed, produced, professed, progressed, protest, protract, qualcast, rascasse, react, recant, recapped, recast, recessed, redact, redraft, reduced, refract, refreshed, rehash, rehearsed, rejoiced, relapse, relax, released, rematch, repacked, repast, replaced, replant, repressed, repriced, request, resist, retest, retraced, retract, reversed, riposte, rivest, robust, romance, roughcast, rubasse, sandblast, savate, seduced, snowmast, soothfast, southeast, southwest, standfast, stateswest, steadfast, stedfast, submersed, subsist, subtract, sufficed, suggest, sunfast, supplant, suppressed, surpass, surpassed, tarras, terass, thereat, toniest, transact, transplant, trendiest, typecast, unapt, unbacked, unblessed, unblest, unclasp, undressed, unhasp, unjust, unlatch, unmatched, unplaced, unpressed, unrest, unstamped, unstressed, untapped, untaxed, unthatch, untrussed, unwashed, upcast, vannest, vansandt, vanzandt, vinasse, whereat

3 syllables:

abreact, acquiesced, aftercast, antepast, antirust, antitrust, archiblast, autoplast, bicompact, chiliast, chloroplast, chromoplast, cineaste, cnidoblast, coalesced, coexist, colloblast, colorcast, colorfast, commandant, confidant, confidante, confidente, coroplast, counteract, counterblast, cytoplast, decongest, diagnosed, disenchant, disentrance, disinfest, disinvest, dispossessed, ectoblast, endoblast, entoblast, epiblast, fibroblast, flabbergast, ganoblast, gymnoplast, haemoblast, heliast, hemoblast, histoblast, hypoblast, incompact, inexact, interact, interclass, interfirst, interlaced, interspersed, intrigante, introduced, leucoblast, leucoplast, leukoblast, lymphoblast, mesoblast, metaphrast, mythoclast, neuroblast, neuromast, overact, overcast, overglance, overmatch, overmatched, overtask, overtax, phenoplast, planoblast, precontract, predigest, prendergast, protoplast, reactor, readapt, readjust, rearrest, reassessed, rebroadcast, reimbursed, reinvest, reminisced, repossessed, reproduced, scholasticism, scholiast, scleroblast, semimat, simulcast, subcontract, superfast, telecast, telequest, tillinghast, trophoblast, unabashed, unaddressed, unattached, underact, undercast, understaffed, unexpressed, unimpressed, unpossessed, unredressed, unrelaxed, unreleased, unsurpassed

4 syllables:

amadavat, ameloblast, aminoplast, amyloplast, angioblast, biblioclast, counterattacked, ecdysiast, encomiast, enthusiast, erythroblast, granuloblast, gymnasiast, haematoblast, hematoblast, iconoclast, misdiagnosed, myeloblast, odontoblast, osteoblast, osteoclast, overproduced, overreact, reintroduced, unreimbursed

5 syllables:

cytotrophoblast, haemocytoblast, hemocytoblast, immunosuppressed, radiobroadcast

6 syllables:


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