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Words that nearly rhyme with "reporter":

1 syllable:

board, borne, bourn, bourne, coarse, coir, cor, course, coursed, court, crore, dor, dorr, drawer, dwarves, fiord, fjord, for, force, forced, ford, fort, frore, gaur, giaour, gor, gourd, hoard, hoarse, horde, knorr, lour, mourn, nor, nork, oared, oars, ort, pork, porn, port, roar, shorn, shorts, source, sport, sports, swart, sword, sworn, tor, torn, torr, toward, warp, worn

2 syllables:

abhor, aboard, afford, altar, alter, aport, apport, arter, auster, backdoor, balter, barndoor, barter, bedsore, boerger, boerner, bohrer, bookstore, border, borer, borger, borner, carter, charter, chokebore, claymore, coarser, corder, corker, corner, corser, coster, courser, darter, decor, deforce, deport, discourse, dishorn, disport, divorce, doctor, doerner, dogshore, dorer, dormer, dorner, downpour, drawbore, drugstore, enforce, export, eyesore, falter, florer, flour, folklore, footsore, forborne, foreshore, foreworn, forger, forker, former, forner, forquer, forsworn, forworn, foster, garter, gloucester, goerner, gorder, halter, hardcore, harter, hartter, heartsore, hoerner, horger, horner, hornor, horror, hour, huerter, import, indoor, indoors, informed, kalter, karter, kloster, koerber, koerner, korber, korner, korver, lakeshore, longshore, lorber, malter, marter, martyr, masseur, maurer, morever, mourer, mowrer, norder, norther, order, orner, orser, our, outdoor, outdoors, outpour, outroar, outworn, pasteboard, perforce, porcher, porter, preform, premorse, prewar, psalter, purport, report, resorb, rhorer, rohrer, romaunt, rorer, salter, sartor, saulter, saunter, scorer, scour, seashore, smarter, smoothbore, softer, sophomore, sorber, sour, sporer, stalter, starter, stoermer, storer, stormer, subfloor, suborn, support, swarner, tartar, tarter, therefore, thorner, torpor, torture, towards, transform, transport, uncord, unforced, unformed, unmourned, unshorn, unwarmed, unwarned, unworn, unwrought, wachter, walter, warder, warmer, warner, warrior, woerner, worner, yorker

3 syllables:

absorber, acrospore, aerophore, albacore, androphore, androspore, anthophore, antichlor, archespore, arthrospore, ascospore, assignor, battledore, blastopore, canephore, carnivore, carpophore, carpospore, chromophore, cnidophore, collophore, commodore, comprador, confirmor, cothamore, counterbore, devour, diaspore, disorder, endorser, endospore, enforcer, exospore, explorer, exporter, furthermore, gibraltar, gonophore, granivore, gymnospore, gynophore, hackamore, hellebore, heptachlor, herbivore, hypnospore, importer, informer, justaucorps, lophophore, macrospore, madrepore, mcartor, mccarter, megaspore, microspore, millepore, misreckon, misreport, nonstarter, nonsupport, nullipore, obligor, omnivore, oophore, oospore, outperform, overdoor, overworn, parachor, parador, performer, perispore, phonophore, photophore, phyllophore, piefort, pinafore, planospore, pyrochlore, rasophore, recorder, reenforce, reformer, reimport, reinforce, reorder, restorer, retepore, roquelaure, saddlesore, sagamore, scolophore, semaphore, sporophore, superstore, supporter, sycamore, sycomore, transformer, transporter, trochophore, troubadour, underfloor, underscore, unexplored, uninformed, unperformed, unreformed, unrestored, untoward, vanmarter, vanorder, zoochore, zoospore, zygospore

4 syllables:

adenophore, aeciospore, anemochore, aplanospore, azygospore, capeador, chlamydospore, chromatophore, corregidor, craniophore, galactophore, gametophore, insectivore, luminophore, mastigophore, mediocre, methoxychlor, ommatophore, parthenospore, pneumatophore, pycniospore, recognizor, scolopophore, simulator, siphonophore, spermatophore, teleutospore

5 syllables:

basidiospore, conidiophore

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