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Words that nearly rhyme with "times":

1 syllable:

ailes, ails, aims, aisles, ales, alles, alms, am's, ambs, ames, ams, ayles, aynes, bailes, bails, bain's, baines, bains, bales, balles, banes, bayles, baynes, beales, beals, beams, bean's, beans, biles, bines, bires, blames, bloom's, blooms, boils, bombs, boom's, booms, bowels, boyles, boylls, brahms, brailles, brain's, brains, brems, brenes, bribes, bride's, brides, briles, brines, brooms, brown's, browns, browns', broyles, bums, byles, bynes, cain's, caines, cales, calles, calms, canes, chain's, chains, chains', chides, chiles, chimb, chime, chives, choirs, chums, chyme, claims, clams, cleans, climb, clime, clines, clowns, coils, coin's, coins, com's, combes, combs, comes, coombs, coomes, crain's, crames, crams, crane's, cranes, creams, crime, crooms, crown's, crowns, crumbs, cyme, dahms, daines, dains, dale's, dales, dam's, dames, dams, dane's, danes, deal's, deals, dean's, deans, deems, deines, denes, dials, diles, dime, dims, dines, dives, dome's, domes, dooms, down's, downes, downs, doyle's, drains, drams, dreams, drive's, drives, drowns, drums, dynes, eales, eames, eanes, eells, eels, fails, fales, feels, fides, files, fines, fires, firm's, firms, firms', five's, fives, flames, flumes, foams, foils, fouls, frames, freels, fries, frowns, fumes, gaines, gains, gale's, gales, galles, game's, games, games', ganes, gayles, gem's, gems, gene's, genes, germs, giles, gines, gleams, glides, glime, glines, gnomes, goines, goins, gowns, goynes, grahams, grains, grames, gramm's, grams, green's, greene's, greens, greens', grime, grimm's, groins, gromes, groomes, grooms, growls, guide's, guides, guiles, guise, gumbs, gums, gumz, guynes, gyles, gym's, gyms, hailes, hails, haimes, haines, hains, hale's, hales, hames, hammes, hams, hanes, hayles, haymes, haynes, heals, heels, heines, heins, heinz, heinze, hems, henes, herms, hides, hiems, hiles, hines, hires, hives, holmes, home's, homes, homes', hommes, homs, howls, humes, hums, hymns, hynes, ides, iles, illes, isles, ives, jail's, jails, jaimes, james, jams, jane's, janes, jas, jaynes, jean's, jeanes, jeans, jem's, jibes, jiles, jim's, jines, joines, joins, jowls, joynes, kainz, kane's, kean's, keels, keynes, kim's, kims, kines, klemz, knives, kouns, krammes, kyles, lamb's, lambs, lane's, lanes, leans, leins, liens, liles, limbs, lime, line's, lines, lines', lives, llanes, looms, lyle's, lyles, lynes, m.'s, mail's, mails, maims, maine's, maines, mains, mainz, males, manes, maynes, meal's, meals, means, miles, mimbs, mime, mimms, mims, mine's, mines, mines', mires, moines, mom's, moms, mums, myles, myres, nails, names, neal's, neels, neils, nemes, neyens, niels, niles, nilles, nims, nine's, nines, nome's, nyers, ohm's, ohms, oil's, oils, owls, pails, pains, pales, palms, panes, peels, peens, piles, pimm's, pines, pires, plaines, plains, plane's, planes, planes', plum's, plumes, plums, prides, prime, prise, prize, psalms, pyles, pynes, quails, qualls, qualms, quayle's, queen's, queens, rail's, rails, raines, rains, rales, rams, ranes, raynes, reames, reams, reels, reigns, reines, reins, rhames, rhines, rhyme, rhynes, rials, rides, riles, rime, rims, rines, rise, rives, roams, rome's, room's, rooms, rums, ryles, rynes, saenz, sails, sainz, sale's, sales, sales', sam's, sames, samms, sams, sayles, scales, scams, scenes, schemes, screams, screens, scribes, seal's, seales, seals, seams, seems, seils, semmes, shales, shames, sheils, shiels, shines, shires, shives, shrines, side's, sides, sides', siems, signs, simms, sims, sines, sires, size, sized, skains, skeels, skeens, skiles, skyles, slams, slides, slime, slims, slums, smiles, snail's, snails, soil's, soils, somes, spain's, sperms, spines, spires, spoils, sprains, sprouls, sprowls, squeals, squirms, squyres, staines, stains, steals, steams, steel's, steels, stein's, steines, stems, stiens, stiles, stime, stines, stires, strains, streams, strides, strives, styles, sums, swailes, swails, swales, swims, symmes, symms, syms, tails, tales, tambs, tames, team's, teams, teams', teems, teens, term's, terms, thames, themes, thomes, thoms, thrives, thumbs, thyme, tides, tiles, tilles, timbs, time, time's, times', timms, tims, tines, toils, tom's, tombs, tomes, toms, toombs, towels, towle's, town's, townes, towns, trails, trails', train's, trains, trials, tribe's, tribes, trims, tynes, vales, valles, vanes, veals, veils, veins, vibes, viens, viles, vines, vires, vives, voiles, vowels, voyles, wailes, wails, wales, wanes, wayne's, weems, weil's, weill's, weins, whales, wheels, whiles, whims, whines, why's, wide's, wiens, wiles, willes, wims, wine's, wines, wires, wise, wives, wives', worm's, worms, wyles, wynes, yale's, yams, yanes, zooms, zyme

2 syllables:

abeles, abides, abscise, adames, adjoins, admires, advise, advised, affirms, agnize, aligns, alines, appeals, apprise, apprize, arise, arrives, ascribes, asides, assails, assigns, assize, assumes, attains, bahrain's, baptise, baptize, becomes, begrime, berhyme, berime, besides, betimes, betweens, biomes, burdine's, burgoyne's, campaign's, campaigns, careens, carlyle's, champagnes, chastise, chontales, combines, compiles, complains, comprise, comprize, conceals, condemns, confides, confines, confirms, constrains, consumes, contains, convenes, costumes, cremeens, cuisines, curtails, daytimes, decides, declines, defines, demeans, demise, deprives, derails, derides, derives, describes, designs, despise, details, devise, disclaims, disdains, disguise, disprize, divides, domains, downtowns, duquesne's, durkheim's, eighteens, emprise, entails, enzymes, esteem's, exams, excise, exclaims, explains, extremes, fifteens, filene's, fourteens, francine's, francines, germain's, hakim's, hussein's, ideal's, ideals, incise, incised, inclines, insides, inspires, irene's, islam's, karlheinz, lapides, levine's, lifetimes, lorean's, machine's, machines, machines', maintains, maktoums, marine's, marines, marines', martines, mccombs, mcmains, mcmeans, meseems, metrise, metrize, misprise, misprize, missiles', mistime, nighttimes, o'neill's, obtains, ofttimes, opines, outsides, parfums, pastimes, perfumes, pertains, pezim's, pogroms, prescribes, presides, presumes, prevails, previse, proclaims, proscribes, provides, racemes, recoils, redeems, refines, refrains, regains, regime's, regimes, rejoins, remains, remise, repeals, reprise, requires, resides, resigns, restrains, resumes, retains, retires, reveals, revise, revives, routines, saddam's, sardines, showtime's, sixteens, slovenes, sometimes, st_james, sublime, subscribes, subsides, succumbs, surmise, surprise, survives, sustains, terrains, transcribes, travails, unprimed, unsized, unveils, unwise, uprise, upsides, usines, vaccine's, vaccines, waldheim's, wartimes

3 syllables:

betweentimes, coincides, entertains, figurines, gasolines, intervenes, merchandise, misadvise, nationwide's, nvhomes, oftentimes, overprize, oversize, overtime, paradigms, presurmise, reaffirms, rebaptize, reconvenes, smithereens, submarine's, submarines, unadvised, undermines, undersize, undersized, undisguised, unrevised, vietnam's, wolverine's

4 syllables:

automobiles, tuberculise

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