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Words that nearly rhyme with "worldwide":

1 syllable:

aid, aide, bade, bead, bite, blade, bleed, blight, bowed, boyd, braid, breed, bribe, bright, brite, cite, cloud, creed, crowd, dade, deed, dwight, fade, feed, fight, fite, flayed, flight, floyd, frayed, freed, freud, fright, glade, grade, greed, hade, he'd, heed, height, hight, jade, keyed, kite, kneed, knight, lade, laid, leed, light, lite, lloyd, loud, made, maid, mead, might, mite, need, night, nite, paid, peed, played, plead, plight, ploughed, plowed, prayed, preyed, proud, quite, raid, reed, reid, right, rite, scribe, seed, shade, she'd, shroud, sight, site, sleight, slight, sowed, spade, speed, spite, sprayed, sprite, staid, stayed, steed, strayed, suede, swayed, they'd, tight, toyed, trade, tribe, trite, void, vowed, wade, we'd, weed, weighed, white, why'd, wide, wight, wowed, wright, write

2 syllables:

afraid, agreed, alight, allowed, aloud, annoyed, arcade, arrayed, avoid, avowed, backside, bedside, betrayed, blockade, brigade, cascade, charade, cliched, concede, contrite, conveyed, crusade, decade, decayed, decreed, degrade, delayed, delight, deployed, describe, despite, destroyed, devoid, dismayed, displayed, downgrade, downside, employed, endowed, enjoyed, evade, exceed, excite, forbade, forthright, grenade, handmade, hillside, homemade, ignite, impede, incite, indeed, invade, invite, joyride, kincaid, lakeside, landslide, manmade, mislaid, mislead, misread, obeyed, outright, outweighed, parade, persuade, pervade, polite, portrayed, precede, prescribe, proceed, recede, recite, remade, repaid, replayed, reread, rewrite, roadside, seaside, secede, southside, stampede, subscribe, succeed, surveyed, tirade, tonight, unmade, unpaid, upgrade, upright, uptight

3 syllables:

amplified, certified, clarified, classified, countryside, crucified, cyanide, dignified, dioxide, disagreed, disobeyed, falsified, fireside, fortified, genocide, glorified, gratified, guaranteed, homicide, horrified, justified, lemonade, liquefied, magnified, masquerade, modified, mortified, mountainside, multiplied, mummified, mystified, notified, nullified, occupied, overjoyed, overnight, overplayed, override, overstayed, pacified, peroxide, petrified, promenade, prophesied, purified, rectified, reignite, reunite, riverside, satisfied, serenade, signified, simplified, specified, suicide, terrified, testified, unafraid, underside, unemployed, unified, verified

4 syllables:

dissatisfied, electrified, formaldehyde, identified, intensified, personified, preoccupied, solidified, undignified, unjustified, unoccupied, unsatisfied

5 syllables:


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