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Words related to "hurt":

1 syllable:

Schmerz, ache, ail, bad, bane, bang, bark, bite, blanch, bleed, blench, blight, blow, break, bruise, bruised, bump, burn, burned, burst, chafe, check, checked, chip, chipped, clash, claw, crack, cracked, cramp, crash, craze, crazed, crump, crunch, curse, cut, doom, foul, fray, fret, gall, gash, gnaw, grate, grief, grieve, grieved, grind, gripe, harm, harmed, hex, hit, ill, jinx, knock, lame, loss, maim, mar, marred, maul, mauled, meet, nip, pain, pained, pang, pierce, pinch, pound, prick, rack, racked, rasp, rend, rent, rip, rub, rum, run, sad, scald, scalded, scarred, scathe, scorch, scorched, scotch, scrape, scratch, scratched, scuff, shock, shoot, shrink, skin, slash, slashed, slit, smart, smash, smashed, sore, split, spoil, sprain, sprung, stab, stick, sting, strain, stress, strike, stroke, stung, taint, tear, thrill, throb, throes, torn, tweak, twinge, twist, twitch, whomp, wince, woe, worn, wound, wrench, wring, writhe, wrong, wronged, wrung

2 syllables:

abrade, abuse, aching, affect, afflict, affront, aggrieve, aggrieved, anguish, anguished, befoul, bewitch, bleeding, blemish, bloody, breakage, breakdown, broken, busted, cannon, carom, collapse, collide, concuss, condemn, constrain, convulse, convulsed, corrupt, crackle, cripple, damage, damaged, defile, deprave, depress, depressed, despoil, destroy, dismal, disserve, distress, distressed, dolor, drawback, evil, fester, fracture, frazzle, gloomy, grievance, grimace, harass, harrow, harrowed, havoc, hurting, hurtle, impair, impaired, impinge, incise, infect, inflame, injure, injured, inroad, lesion, maiming, malaise, maltreat, mangle, mangled, martyr, martyred, mayhem, menace, mischief, mistreat, misuse, molest, mournful, offend, outrage, passion, percuss, poison, pollute, puncture, rankle, rueful, ruin, rupture, ruptured, sadness, savage, shattered, sideswipe, spasm, spoiling, suffer, tarnish, threaten, tingle, torment, torture, tortured, toxin, trauma, twisted, upset, venom, weaken, weakened, worsen, worsened, wounded, wretched

3 syllables:

abrasion, afflicted, aggravate, agonize, agonized, agony, bankruptcy, befoulment, concussion, corruption, crippling, crucified, crucify, defective, dejected, depression, destruction, detriment, disable, disappoint, discomfort, disrepair, embitter, embittered, encounter, encroachment, endamage, envenom, handicap, hobbling, impairment, imperfect, incision, infection, infringement, injury, irritate, lacerate, martyrize, martyrized, misery, mutilate, persecute, pollution, prejudice, sabotage, sickening, sorrowful, suffering, tormented, traumatize, unhappy, vexation, violate, vitiate, weakening, woebegone

4 syllables:

aggravated, atrocity, defilement, dilapidate, disablement, disadvantage, exacerbate, excruciate, irritated, lacerated, laceration, melancholy, mutilated, mutilation, ruination, ruinousness

5 syllables:

abomination, despoliation, deteriorate, dilapidated, dilapidation, exacerbated, incapacitate, liability

6 syllables:

deteriorated, incapacitation

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