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Words related to "little":

1 syllable:

ace, base, bit, borne, brief, cheap, closed, crack, cramped, crumb, curt, dab, deaf, dole, dot, dram, dwarf, few, fleck, foul, grain, grave, groat, gross, hair, inch, jot, light, low, mean, mite, mote, no, ounce, pinch, point, poor, rank, scant, scrap, set, short, slight, small, smitch, span, sparse, speck, spot, spurt, step, straitlaced, taste, toy, vile, wee, whit, young

2 syllables:

abject, arrant, atom, baby, bantam, barely, bigot, bowshot, cheesy, compact, concise, creedbound, crummy, curtal, curtate, debased, depraved, depthless, dinky, dirty, dollop, dribble, driblet, earreach, earshot, elfin, faintly, farthing, feebly, flagrant, flyspeck, footling, fragment, fulsome, gobbet, granule, gunshot, hairbreadth, hairsbreadth, handful, hardly, heinous, hidebound, instant, lightly, lumpen, mangy, meager, measly, midget, mingy, mini, minim, minor, minute, moment, monkey, monstrous, narrow, niggard, nutshell, paltry, pebble, petit, petite, petty, pindling, pittance, poky, potty, puny, purblind, pygmy, rarely, scabby, scanty, scarcely, scrubby, scruffy, scruple, scummy, scurvy, seldom, selfish, shabby, shallow, shoddy, shoestring, skimpy, slightly, smallish, smally, smidgen, smidgin, spoonful, squalid, stingy, stuffy, succinct, teeny, tiny, tittle, transient, trifling, weakly, wretched, youthful

3 syllables:

atrocious, beggarly, bigoted, casual, constricted, cursory, decurtate, deficient, degraded, disgusting, imperfect, insular, iota, limited, maladroit, meagerly, minimum, minuscule, minutely, modicum, molecule, nearsighted, niggardly, obnoxious, odious, particle, picayune, picayunish, piddling, provincial, scantily, shortsighted, summary, synoptic, technical, thimbleful, triflingly, trivia, trivial, undersized, unoften, unskillful

4 syllables:

Lilliputian, collateral, compendious, contemptible, despicable, diminutive, dispensable, execrable, exiguous, fanatical, fortuitous, illiberal, imperfectly, inadequate, incidental, incompetent, inessential, inferior, infrequently, insufficient, irrelevant, mediocre, microscopic, miniature, minimally, minutiae, miserable, nefarious, negligible, negligibly, nonessential, parochial, reptilian, secondary, subordinate, superficial, uncatholic, unchivalrous, unessential, unfrequently, ungenerous, unimportant, unimpressive, unliberal

5 syllables:

abominable, exiguously, immaterial, inconsequential, ineffectual, insignificant, instantaneous, subsidiary, uncharitable, unmentionable, unnoteworthy

6 syllables:

authoritarian, inappreciable, inappreciably, inconsequentially, inconsiderable, infinitesimal, insignificantly, unimaginative

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