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Words related to "stop":

1 syllable:

awe, ban, bar, bell, bind, bit, block, bourn, box, brake, break, bung, calm, caulk, cease, chain, check, chink, chock, choke, clog, close, cock, cork, curb, cure, dam, damp, daunt, delayage, drag, drogue, drop, dull, ebb, end, faze, fence, fend, fill, foul, freeze, glide, goal, gorge, gun, halt, hold, hole, jam, kick, lag, lid, lock, lodge, lull, mute, pack, pause, peak, peg, phone, pin, plug, point, port, quint, quit, rank, rest, scotch, scrap, scratch, scrub, see, shake, shawm, slow, soothe, spike, spile, spill, spoke, stage, stall, stanch, stand, staunch, stay, stem, stench, stick, strike, stuff, surd, tap, thwart, tierce, twelfth, valve, voice, wait, waive, wall, wane, wean

2 syllables:

abjure, abort, arrest, baffle, bassoon, belay, blockade, blockage, blocking, bombard, bourdon, cancel, cecum, cello, checkmate, checkrein, choking, closing, colon, comma, conclude, confine, congest, corner, cornet, counter, cover, cushion, cutoff, cymbel, dampen, damper, deaden, deadlock, deafen, delay, dental, depot, desist, detain, deter, diphthong, disuse, doorstop, dragging, dwindle, ebbing, endgame, ending, faucet, fetter, finish, forswear, gamba, gedeckt, gemshorn, glottal, harbor, haven, hinder, hindrance, holdback, holdup, impasse, impede, infarct, juncture, lagging, lingual, liquid, lockout, logjam, mixture, molder, muffle, nasal, nazard, oboe, obstruct, octave, parry, pelham, phoneme, plosive, posaune, prevent, quiesce, quiet, ranket, rebuff, refrain, renounce, repel, reprieve, repulse, resign, resolve, respite, restrain, retard, roadblock, shackle, slacken, slowdown, slowness, snaffle, soften, sojourn, sonant, spigot, stalemate, standoff, standstill, station, stayover, stillstand, stopgap, stoppage, stopper, stopping, stopple, stymie, subdue, subside, suppress, tarry, tittle, trammel, triphthong, trombone, trumpet, velar, visit, vocoid, voicing, vowel, walkout, waning

3 syllables:

abandon, afterthought, allophone, anchorage, barricade, barrier, bottleneck, boundary, caesura, cerebral, cessation, claribel, clarinet, clarion, conclusion, congestion, consonant, constipate, cornopean, costiveness, cromorna, debarment, desistance, detention, determent, determine, deterrence, discourage, dishearten, dulciana, embolus, estoppel, explosive, forbiddance, foreclosure, forestalling, fourniture, guttural, infarction, interim, interrupt, labial, larigot, lateral, layover, martingale, monophthong, obstacle, obstipate, obstruction, occlusive, overawe, pacify, palatal, period, perorate, pharyngeal, piccolo, preclusion, prevention, principal, quieten, quintaten, reference, register, relinquish, remora, retardance, retroflex, sojournment, stopover, subsidence, suspension, syllable, terminal, terminate, terminus, tranquilize, tremolo, vibrato, viola, vocable, vocalic

4 syllables:

alveolar, arrestation, aspiration, bilabial, cacuminal, constipation, continuant, countercheck, destination, diapason, disaccustom, discontinue, discouragement, embolism, extremity, impediment, laryngeal, melodia, morphophoneme, obstipation, obviation, prohibition, punctuation, retardation, semicolon, semivowel, sonority, strangulation, termination

5 syllables:

articulation, assimilation, discontinuance, dissimilation, glottalization, labiodental, labiovelar, modification, moratorium, paperasserie

6 syllables:

labialization, pharyngealization, sesquialtera

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