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Definition of "Big" :

adjective: in an advanced stage of pregnancy

"Was big with child."

adjective: conspicuous in position or importance

"A big figure in the movement."

adjective: given or giving freely

"Was a big tipper."

adjective: generous and understanding and tolerant

"A heart big enough to hold no grudges."

adjective: marked by intense physical force

"A big wind."

adjective: significant

"Graduation was a big day in his life."

adjective: above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent

"Set out for the big city."

adjective: loud and firm

"A big voice."

adjective: (of animals) fully developed

adjective: very intense

"In a big rage."

adjective: feeling self-importance

"Too big for his britches."

adjective: exhibiting self-importance

"Big talk."

adjective: prodigious

"Big spender."

adverb: in a boastful manner

"He talked big all evening."

adverb: in a major way

"The play failed big at the box office."

adverb: on a grand scale

"Think big."

adverb: extremely well

"His performance went over big."