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Definition of "Bolt" :

noun: a sudden abandonment (as from a political party)

noun: the act of moving with great haste

noun: a screw that screws into a nut to form a fastener

noun: the part of a lock that is engaged or withdrawn with a key

noun: a sliding bar in a breech-loading firearm that ejects an empty cartridge and replaces it and closes the breech

noun: a roll of cloth or wallpaper of a definite length

noun: a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder

verb: make or roll into bolts

"Bolt fabric."

verb: eat hastily without proper chewing

"Don't bolt your food!."

verb: swallow hastily

verb: secure or lock with a bolt

"Bolt the door."

verb: move or jump suddenly

"She bolted from her seat."

verb: leave suddenly and as if in a hurry

"The listeners bolted when he discussed his strange ideas."

verb: run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along

adverb: in a rigid manner

"He sat bolt upright."

adverb: directly