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Definition of "Obscure" :

verb: make obscure or unclear

"The distinction was obscured."

verb: make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing

verb: reduce a vowel to a neutral one, such as a schwa

verb: make unclear, indistinct, or blurred

verb: make less visible or unclear

"The stars are obscured by the clouds."

adjective: not clearly expressed or understood

"An obscure turn of phrase."

adjective: marked by difficulty of style or expression

"Those who do not appreciate Kafka's work say his style is obscure."

adjective: remote and separate physically or socially

"An obscure village."

adjective: not drawing attention

"An obscure flaw."

adjective: not famous or acclaimed

"An obscure family."

adjective: difficult to find

"An obscure retreat."