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Definition of "Rich" :

noun: people who have possessions and wealth (considered as a group)

"Only the very rich benefit from this legislation."

adjective: affording an abundant supply

"A rich supply."

adjective: strong; intense

"A rich red."

adjective: marked by great fruitfulness

"Rich soil."

adjective: pleasantly full and mellow

"A rich tenor voice."

adjective: very productive

"Rich seams of coal."

adjective: possessing material wealth

"Her father is extremely rich."

adjective: having an abundant supply of desirable qualities or substances (especially natural resources)

"Blessed with a land rich in minerals."

adjective: suggestive of or characterized by great expense

"A rich display."

adjective: high in mineral content; having a high proportion of fuel to air

"A rich vein of copper."

adjective: marked by richness and fullness of flavor

"A rich ruby port."

adjective: of great worth or quality

"A rich collection of antiques."

adjective: containing plenty of fat, or eggs, or sugar

"Rich desserts."