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What is "Rhyme Desk"?

Rhyme Desk is an interactive writing tool for poets, songwriters and copywriters. It provides easy to use interface to find rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, related words and word definitions. You can also count syllables in your texts and you can share those texts directly on your Twitter and Facebook Wall.

Why use "Rhyme Desk"?

While there are many websites that provide rhyme search and word definitions, we believe Rhyme Desk stands out for following reasons:

  • you can seamlessly combine your creative writing process with brainstorming of new ideas in single website.

  • combination of multiple pronunciation dictionaries provides you with most complete rhyming dictionary on the web.

  • sophisticated search algorithm provides you with most diverse list of near rhymes of different types.

  • flexible design lets you write texts and search words on desktop computers as well as on tablets and mobile devices.

Useful shortcuts:

  • press "Tab" to switch between writing and searching tabs.

  • press "Enter", while in search tab, to make new search.

  • press "Alt-Q" to search for perfect rhymes.

  • press "Alt-W" to search for near rhymes.

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