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Words That Rhyme With "Accelerator" :

2 syllables:

cater, crater, eighter, faitour, Flater, frater, freighter, gaiter, gater, gator, grater, greater, hater, krater, later, mater, pater, plaiter, plater, prater, rater, Sator, satyr, skater, slater, stater, stator, straighter, tater, traitor, waiter

3 syllables:

abator, collator, creator, cunctator, curator, debater, debator, Decatur, deflator, dictator, dilater, dilator, equator, fellator, glossator, headwaiter, inflater, inflator, legator, Lemaitre, levator, Mercator, piscator, pronator, relater, relator, scrutator, translator

4 syllables:

decorator, exequatur, generator, imperator, respirator, venerator, vindicator

5 syllables:

attemperator, cogenerator, expectorator, regenerator, remunerator

7 syllables: