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Words That Rhyme With "Afford" :

1 syllable:

board, bord, bored, chord, cord, cured, fiord, fjord, floored, ford, gored, gourd, hoard, horde, lord, lured, moored, Njord, oared, pored, poured, roared, scored, shored, soared, stored, sward, sword, toured, urd, ward

2 syllables:

abhorred, aboard, accord, adored, allured, assured, award, debord, deplored, endured, ensured, explored, ignored, implored, insured, inured, matured, milord, obscured, outscored, pasteboard, procured, reboard, record, restored, reward, secured, toward, uncord, Verwoerd

3 syllables:

disaccord, prerecord, reassured, reinsured, underscored, unexplored, uninsured, unrestored, unsecured, untoward

4 syllables:

misericord, underinsured