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Words That Rhyme With "Afforded" :

2 syllables:

bearded, boarded, boride, carded, Corbett, corded, courted, floret, florid, guarded, herded, hoarded, horrid, larded, lurid, morbid, mortgaged, Nordic, orbit, orchid, ported, shorted, snorted, sordid, sorted, sported, thwarted, torpid, torrid, warded, worded

3 syllables:

aborted, accorded, aortic, assorted, awarded, bombarded, comported, contorted, cryptorchid, deorbit, deported, discarded, distorted, escorted, exhorted, exported, extorted, imported, purported, recorded, regarded, reported, resorted, retarded, retorted, rewarded, silurid, subtorrid, supported, transported, unguarded, unsordid, unsorted

4 syllables:

disregarded, misreported, prerecorded, unrecorded, unregarded, unreported, unrewarded, unsupported

5 syllables: