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Words That Rhyme With "Ambit" :

2 syllables:

babbitt, banded, bandit, branded, cambist, candid, dammit, drabbet, drumbeat, gambit, gamet, gamic, habit, Hammett, handed, landed, Mamet, pandick, plumbate, rabbet, rabbit, rabic, rabid, sanded, stranded, tabid

3 syllables:

Adamic, agamic, balsamic, ceramic, cinnamic, cohabit, columbate, commanded, crossbanded, demanded, disbanded, dynamic, expanded, forehanded, Greenlandic, Hamtramck, highhanded, iambic, Icelandic, inhabit, lefthanded, Mohammed, potamic, remanded, righthanded, syllabic, thalamic, unbranded, uncandid, weakhanded, wolframic

4 syllables:

apogamic, asyllabic, autogamic, chasmogamic, choliambic, cleistogamic, cryptogamic, dissyllabic, disyllabic, dithyrambic, endogamic, epigamic, eupotamic, evenhanded, exogamic, futuramic, galliambic, ironhanded, misogamic, monogamic, panoramic, phonogramic, preadamic, trisyllabic, underhanded

5 syllables:

aerodynamic, ambisyllabic, autopotamic, decasyllabic, epithalamic, hemodynamic, heptasyllabic, hexasyllabic, hydrodynamic, hypodynamic, hypothalamic, karyogamic, monosyllabic, octosyllabic, parisyllabic, pentasyllabic, photodynamic, polysyllabic, psychodynamic, telodynamic, tetrasyllabic, thermodynamic, tychopotamic

6 syllables:

dodecasyllabic, enneasyllabic, hendecasyllabic, imparisyllabic

8 syllables: