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Words That Rhyme With "Anglophilic" :

2 syllables:

killick, Tillich

3 syllables:

acrylic, alkylic, allylic, amylic, baetylic, basilic, benzylic, caprylic, Cyrillic, dactylic, ethylic, exilic, idyllic, methylic, odylic, propylic

4 syllables:

acetylic, basophilic, cacodylic, carbonylic, carboxylic, haemophilic, halophilic, hemophilic, hydrophilic, imbecilic, lipophilic, lyophilic, mesophilic, pedophilic, spasmophilic, zoophilic

5 syllables:

acidophilic, bibliophilic, electrophilic, haematoxylic

6 syllables:

eosinophilic, stenothermophilic