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Words That Rhyme With "Anthesis" :

2 syllables:


3 syllables:

aesthesis, ascesis, auxesis, centesis, cyesis, ecesis, esthesis, mimesis, paresis, pedesis, prosthesis, tmesis

4 syllables:

anamnesis, anoesis, catachresis, catamnesis, catechesis, coenesthesis, diuresis, ecphonesis, eisegesis, encopresis, enuresis, exegesis, hysteresis, isauxesis, lithuresis, synderesis

5 syllables:

antipyresis, autokinesis, bradyauxesis, cataphoresis, chemokinesis, cytokinesis, diakinesis, diapedesis, diaphoresis, epexegesis, hemiparesis, hyperpiesis, interkinesis, leucopoiesis, leukopoiesis, paracentesis, paracyesis, paraparesis, photokinesis, photophoresis, psychokinesis, tachyauxesis, telekinesis

6 syllables:

amniocentesis, aposiopesis, electrophoresis, erythropoiesis, galactopoiesis, haematopoiesis, hematopoiesis, karyokinesis

7 syllables:


8 syllables: