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Words That Rhyme With "Appease" :

1 syllable:

bee's, bees, bize, brees, breeze, cheese, Crees, deas, dee's, dees, Deese, drees, ease, feaze, fees, feeze, fleas, flees, frees, freeze, frieze, gee's, geez, gies, he's, heeze, jeez, keas, key's, keyes, keys, Klee's, Klees, knees, kreis, leas, lee's, lees, Li's, mease, Meis, mise, Nees, neese, peas, pease, pes, pleas, please, rees, reis, sea's, seas, sees, seise, seize, she's, sies, skis, sleaze, sneeze, sprees, squeeze, teas, tease, tees, these, three's, threes, trees, tweeze, vees, wease, weese, wheeze

2 syllables:

agrees, andries, belize, betise, bibi's, Burmese, Cadiz, camise, Capris, chemise, Chinese, cointise, decrees, Deepfreeze, defries, degrees, disease, displease, disseise, disseize, draftees, esplees, esprit's, foresees, imprese, indris, Jaycees, Kirghiz, lessees, Louise, Maltese, marquise, misease, Pawnees, refreeze, rupees, Scorsese, soubise, Tabriz, trainees, trapeze, trustee's, trustees, unease, unfreeze

3 syllables:

abductees, absentees, adoptees, adorees, amputees, Angolese, Annamese, Apc's, appointees, Assamese, attendees, Balinese, Bengalese, cablese, Canarese, Cantonese, Ceylonese, conferees, Congolese, contoise, Delouis, deportees, designees, detainees, devotees, disagrees, enlistees, enrollees, escapees, expertise, Faroese, franchisees, Gabonese, genevese, guarantee's, guarantees, guaranties, guaranty's, Guianese, honorees, inductees, internees, invitees, japanese, Javanese, journalese, Kanarese, licensees, Macanese, Milanese, Nepalese, Nipponese, nominee's, nominees, novelese, overseas, parolees, Pekinese, Pekingese, piedmontese, polonese, potpourris, referee's, referees, resignees, retiree's, retirees, returnees, Rwandese, Siamese, Singhalese, Sinhalese, Sudanese, Sundanese, Taiwanese, Tennessee's, Timorese, Togolese, Tyrolese, underseas

4 syllables:

Aragonese, federalese, interviewees, officialese, Senegalese