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Words That Rhyme With "Aprowl" :

1 syllable:

aisle, bile, bole, boll, boule, bowl, bown, brown, buhl, clown, coal, cole, cool, cowl, crown, dhole, dol, dole, down, droll, drool, drown, file, foal, fool, foul, fouls, fowl, frown, goal, gown, growl, guile, heil, hole, howl, isle, joule, jowl, knoll, kohl, kyle, mile, mol, mole, mule, noun, owl, pile, pole, poll, pool, prowl, rile, role, roll, rule, school, scowl, scroll, smile, sol, sole, soul, spool, stile, stole, stool, stroll, style, thole, tile, tole, toll, tool, town, troll, vile, while, who'll, whole, wile, you'll, yule

2 syllables:

afoul, awhile, batfowl, befoul, cajole, compile, control, downtown, enroll, extol, garefowl, godown, hometown, lisle, miaul, midtown, misrule, moorfowl, parole, patrol, peafowl, pistole, renown, retool, seafowl, uptown, wildfowl, worthwhile

3 syllables:

decontrol, megajoule, overrule, waterfowl