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Words that rhyme with "around":

1 syllable:

bound, browned, crowned, downed, drowned, found, frowned, ground, hound, mound, pound, round, sound, stound, swound, wound

2 syllables:

abound, aground, ask round, astound, bed ground, brassbound, bring round, clothbound, come round, compound, confound, dog pound, dumfound, expound, flesh wound, gain ground, grave mound, greyhound, half pound, handbound, hardbound, high ground, home ground, homebound, impound, inbound, newfound, plott hound, profound, pull round, raw wound, rebound, redound, renowned, resound, speech sound, top round, troy pound, unbound, unsound, unwound, upbound, voiced sound, wear round

3 syllables:

afghan hound, basset hound, blighty wound, bottom round, breeding ground, british pound, camping ground, circle round, common ground, daily round, decompound, ezra pound, gazelle hound, hunting ground, irish pound, ironbound, lower bound, otter hound, paper round, parade ground, picnic ground, piece of ground, pitcher's mound, pleasure ground, plot of ground, proving ground, puget sound, quarter pound, quarter round, run aground, safe and sound, sausage hound, solid ground, stamping ground, teeing ground, testing ground, ultrasound, upper bound, vowel sound, walker hound

4 syllables:

anchorage ground, burial ground, burial mound, burying ground, cannibal mound, cypriot pound, egyptian pound, get off the ground, ibizan hound, lebanese pound, long island sound, overabound, plosive speech sound, queen charlotte sound, sudanese pound, syrian pound

5 syllables:

ezra loomis pound, italian greyhound

6 syllables:

apothecaries' pound, theater in the round

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