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Words That Rhyme With "Asking" :

2 syllables:

backing, backspin, backswing, Baskin, basking, blacking, blasting, calfskin, casting, clasping, classing, cracking, crafting, drafting, fasting, frisking, gaskin, gasking, gasping, gassing, grafting, grasping, hacking, husking, jacking, lacking, lakin, lambskin, lasting, makin, masking, massing, packing, passing, racking, rafting, rasping, risking, sacking, sassing, shafting, slacking, smacking, snacking, stacking, tacking, tasking, tracking, waxwing, whacking, wracking

3 syllables:

amassing, assassin, attacking, contrasting, elastin, harassing, hoactzin, recasting, shellacking, surpassing, unmasking, unpacking

4 syllables:

everlasting, multitasking, thromboplastin