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Words That Rhyme With "Avenger" :

2 syllables:

bencher, blunger, Brenner, censer, censor, censure, changer, cleanser, clencher, conjure, danger, denner, denser, denture, Denver, dredger, edger, fencer, fringer, ginger, granger, hedger, hinger, injure, Jenner, Kenner, ledger, Leger, Lenard, Leonard, lounger, manger, penner, pledger, plunger, Pranger, quencher, ranger, rondure, scrounger, sensor, spencer, Spenser, sponger, stranger, Tener, tenner, tenor, tensor, trencher, wencher, Zenger

3 syllables:

arranger, backbencher, condenser, debenture, dispenser, endanger, exchanger, extensor, indenture, indentured, phalanger, rudenture, suspensor

4 syllables: