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Words That Rhyme With "Azure" :

2 syllables:

badger, basher, bashor, blather, brasher, brasier, cadger, casher, Cather, closure, crasher, crosier, crozier, dasher, flasher, gather, gnasher, hasher, hazard, Hoosier, hosier, lasher, lather, Leasure, leisure, masher, Mather, mazard, mazzard, measure, mosher, pleasure, rasher, rasure, rather, scissure, seizure, slasher, slather, smasher, spadger, splasher, thrasher, treasure

3 syllables:

admeasure, Belshazzar, cadaver, commeasure, composure, disclosure, displeasure, disposure, embrasure, enclosure, entreasure, exclosure, exposure, foreclosure, foregather, forgather, haphazard, incisure, inclosure, massager, mismeasure, outmeasure, regather, remeasure, unpleasure, upgather

4 syllables:

biohazard, discomposure, preexposure

5 syllables:

overexposure, underexposure