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Words That Rhyme With "Battered" :

2 syllables:

acker, adder, atar, attar, blacker, blackguard, bladder, blatter, Brader, braggart, capper, catbird, catered, chatter, clapper, clatter, cluttered, cracker, crapper, cratered, dapper, dastard, dotard, factored, fatter, fettered, flapper, flatter, flattered, fluttered, frittered, gabbart, glittered, guttered, hacker, haggard, hatter, jacquard, kapur, knacker, knackered, knapper, lacker, lacquer, lacquered, ladder, laggard, lapper, latter, lettered, littered, madder, makar, mapper, mastered, matter, mattered, metered, mitered, motored, muttered, napper, natter, neutered, packer, padder, patter, pattered, patterned, petard, petered, placard, plastered, platter, racker, raftered, rapper, ratter, sacker, sadder, sapper, sater, scabbard, scatter, scattered, schnapper, scrapper, shatter, shattered, shuttered, slacker, slapper, slatter, slaughtered, smacker, smatter, snacker, snapper, spatter, spattered, splatter, splattered, sputtered, stacker, staggard, staggart, staggered, strapper, Stratford, tabard, tacker, tapper, Tatar, tatter, tattered, teetered, thacker, tracker, trapper, tutored, uttered, watered, whacker, wrapper, yatter, zapper

3 syllables:

accoutered, accoutred, attacker, bespatter, bimotored, standpatter, trimotored, uncluttered, unfettered, unlettered, untutored, unuttered

4 syllables:

antimatter, chitterchatter