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Words That Rhyme With "Belted" :

2 syllables:

Celtic, deltoid, faulted, felted, fetid, foetid, fretted, gelded, gelid, halted, jetted, jilted, jolted, kelleg, kilted, letted, malted, melded, melted, netted, pellet, pelted, petted, quilted, salted, stilted, sweated, tilted, vaulted, vetted, welded, whetted, wilted

3 syllables:

assaulted, consulted, defaulted, exalted, exulted, indebted, insulted, regretted, resulted, revolted, unbelted, unmelted, unsalted, unwetted

4 syllables:

chrysomelid, silhouetted, sulphuretted, unregretted