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Words That Rhyme With "Biometrics" :

2 syllables:

Beatrix, Cedric, detrick, Frederic, Fredericks, Fredric, Fredrick, metrics, Patricks, patrix, rectrix, tectrix, theatrics

3 syllables:

aesthetics, athletics, bisectrix, curatrix, directrix, eccentrics, electrics, esthetics, genetics, kinetics, magnetics, noetics, obstetrics, phonetics, poetics, prosthetics, synthetics, theoretics, tonetics

4 syllables:

anesthetics, aviatrix, cybernetics, diabetics, dietetics, diuretics, energetics, exegetics, fornicatrix, generatrix, geodetics, geometrics, geriatrics, homiletics, kinesthetics, mediatrix, paediatrics, pediatrics

5 syllables:

administratrix, apologetics, cytogenetics, econometrics, hydrokinetics, hydromagnetics, intermagnetics

6 syllables:

electrokinetics, electromagnetics, immunogenetics