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Words That Rhyme With "Birches" :

2 syllables:

arches, arsis, birch's, charges, Charis, church's, churches, Churchill's, courage, curses, cursive, lurches, march's, marches, margins, marice, marsh's, marshes, merges, nurses, perches, Pershings, Persis, Persius, porches, purges, purses, scourges, searches, starches, surges, torches, urchins, urges, urgings, verges, verses, virgins, virtues

3 syllables:

abstersive, aversive, Benares, catharsis, coercive, Damaris, demurrage, detersive, discharges, discourage, discursive, dispersive, diverges, emerges, encourage, enlarges, excursive, incursive, inversive, katharsis, mischarges, perversive, precursive, recursive, rehearses, research's, researches, reverses, reversive, subversives

4 syllables:


5 syllables: