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Words That Rhyme With "Briefing" :

2 syllables:

beaching, beefing, bleaching, bluffing, ceasing, chafing, coughing, daffing, diesing, doffing, even, fleecing, goofing, heaving, hoofing, huffing, knifing, laughing, leaching, leafing, leasing, leaving, leefang, liesin, loafing, offing, piecing, puffing, safing, scoffing, seething, sleeving, sloughing, sniffing, snuffing, soughing, spiffing, spoofing, staffing, stuffing, teaching, thieving, weaving

3 syllables:

achieving, believing, beseeching, conceiving, debriefing, deceiving, impeaching, perceiving, policing, rebuffing, receiving, releasing, relieving, subleasing, unceasing, unleashing

4 syllables:

disbelieving, interleaving, interweaving, misconceiving, unbelieving