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Words That Rhyme With "Bristled" :

2 syllables:

castled, chisel, chiseled, fizzle, fizzled, hassled, hustled, jostled, Michal, missal, Mitchel, mizzle, muscled, nestled, piffle, pizzle, scissel, sizzle, sizzled, skiffle, sniffle, swizzle, tasseled, thistle, tinseled, tussled, whiffle, whistle, whistled, wissel

3 syllables:

abyssal, comitial, dickcissel, dismissal, epistle, indicial, initial, initialed, judicial, official, solstitial, surficial, syncytial

4 syllables:

appendiceal, appendicial, artificial, beneficial, edificial, gentilitial, hypabyssal, interstitial, noninitial, prejudicial, sacrificial, superficial, tribunicial, unofficial

5 syllables:

extrajudicial, inartificial, semiofficial