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Words That Rhyme With "Bubbling" :

2 syllables:

cabling, chuckling, clubbing, cobbling, coupling, crumbling, cubbing, cuddling, dabbling, doubling, dribbling, drubbing, dubbin, dubbing, Dublin, duckling, fumbling, gobbling, grumbling, hobbling, huddling, humbling, juggling, Lublin, muddling, mumbling, nibbling, nubbin, puddling, quibbling, robling, Roebling, rubbing, rumbling, scribbling, scrubbing, scumbling, scuttling, shuttling, sibling, smuggling, snubbing, snuggling, squabbling, stabling, struggling, stumbling, subbing, suckling, tabling, troubling, truckling, tumbling, wobbling

3 syllables:

decoupling, disabling, enabling, enfeebling, ennobling, redoubling