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Words That Rhyme With "Charming" :

2 syllables:

Armin, arming, barring, blurring, burning, carmine, darning, durning, earning, ermine, farming, firming, forming, furring, harming, Hering, jarring, learning, marring, murrain, purring, sarin, scarring, shirring, slurring, sparring, spurning, spurring, squirming, starring, stirring, storming, swarming, tarring, termine, terming, turning, urning, vermin, warming, whirring, workmen, yearning

3 syllables:

adermin, adjourning, affirming, alarming, concerning, concurring, conferring, confirming, conforming, deferring, demurring, determine, deterring, disarming, discerning, Dunfermline, extermine, incurring, inferring, informing, occuring, occurring, performing, preferring, rearming, recurring, refering, referring, reforming, returning, transfering, transferring, transforming, unerring

4 syllables:

misinforming, nonperforming, nonrecurring, predetermine, reaffirming, redetermine