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Words That Rhyme With "Chrysomelid" :

2 syllables:

ballad, bellied, bellowed, belted, eyelid, felid, felted, gelded, gelid, helmet, jellied, kelleg, necklet, pallid, pellet, peloid, pelted, reglet, relic, salad, solid, squalid, stolid, telic, valid, velvet, welded, yellowed

3 syllables:

allelic, angelic, atelic, Babelic, fringillid, gempylid, Goidelic, unbelted

4 syllables:

archangelic, autotelic, bradytelic, evangelic, horotelic, infidelic, philatelic, psychedelic, semisolid

5 syllables:


6 syllables:

aerophilatelic, syringomyelic