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Words That Rhyme With "Chugged" :

1 syllable:

bagged, begged, bogged, bragged, bucked, bug, bugged, clogged, clubbed, digged, dogged, doug, dragged, drubbed, drug, drugged, dubbed, ducked, duct, dug, egged, flagged, fucked, fug, gagged, hagged, hogged, hug, hugged, jagged, jogged, jug, lagged, legged, logged, lucked, lug, mug, mugged, nagged, pegged, plucked, plug, plugged, pug, rigged, rubbed, rug, rugg, sagged, scrubbed, shrug, shrugged, shucked, slogged, slug, slugged, smug, snagged, snubbed, snug, sprigged, stubbed, subbed, sucked, tagged, thug, trucked, trug, tucked, tug, tugged, twigged, ugh, wagged, zagged, Zug

2 syllables:

abduct, bewigged, conduct, construct, debug, deduct, destruct, eruct, induct, instruct, obstruct, reduct, reluct, reneged, subduct, unplucked, unplug, unplugged

3 syllables:

antidrug, deconstruct, preinstruct, reconstruct