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Words That Rhyme With "Clumping" :

2 syllables:

bumkin, bumping, bumpkin, bunting, camping, chomping, chunking, comin', coming, cramping, crimping, cumming, cupping, damping, drumming, dumbing, dumping, dumpling, fronting, grunting, humming, hunting, jumping, junking, lumping, muntin, numbing, pimping, plumping, primping, pumping, pumpkin, punting, ramping, romping, scrimping, shunting, skimping, slumping, stamping, stomping, strumming, stumping, stunting, summing, swamping, tamping, thumbing, thumbkin, thumping, tramping, trumping, trunking, upping

3 syllables:

affronting, becoming, confronting, debunking, forthcoming, revamping, showjumping, succumbing

4 syllables:

antidumping, unbecoming, unforthcoming