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Words That Rhyme With "Clunking" :

2 syllables:

banking, bucking, bumkin, bumping, bunting, chucking, chunking, cranking, drinking, ducking, dumping, flunking, franking, fronting, fucking, grunting, honking, hunting, jumping, junking, mucking, muntin, Nanking, plunking, pumping, punting, ranking, reinking, shrinking, shucking, shunting, sinking, skinking, spanking, stinking, stumping, stunting, sucking, tanking, thanking, thinking, thumbkin, thumping, tonguing, trucking, trumping, trunking, tucking, winking, yanking

3 syllables:

affronting, confronting, debunking, nonbanking, rethinking, spelunking, unshrinking, unthinking, unwinking

4 syllables: