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Words That Rhyme With "Clutches" :

2 syllables:

bache's, batches, beaches, bitches, Boches, breaches, breeches, britches, broaches, brunches, brushes, bunches, buses, busses, catches, coach's, coaches, couches, crunches, crushes, crutches, ditches, etches, fetches, fusses, grudges, gushes, hatch's, hatches, hitches, hunches, itches, judges, match's, matches, mulches, niches, notches, nudges, patches, peaches, pitches, pooches, pouches, preaches, punches, reaches, rich's, riches, roaches, rush's, rushes, scotches, scratches, screeches, sketches, snatches, speeches, stitches, stretches, swatches, switches, teaches, thatches, thrushes, touches, trudges, trusses, twitches, watches, which's, witch's, witches

3 syllables:

approaches, attaches, curmudgeons, detaches, discusses, dispatches, encroaches, enriches, impeaches, misjudges, mismatches, pertussis