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Words That Rhyme With "Combative" :

2 syllables:

active, captive, dative, mastiff, motive, native, stative, tractive, votive

3 syllables:

ablative, abstractive, accretive, adaptive, airmotive, attractive, attritive, coactive, collative, contractive, contrastive, creative, decretive, delative, denotive, detractive, diffractive, dilative, dilutive, distractive, emotive, enactive, exploitive, extractive, impactive, inactive, incitive, nonnative, proactive, prolative, promotive, reactive, refractive, subtractive, suppletive, translative

4 syllables:

automotive, commentative, hyperactive, interactive, locomotive, maladaptive, noncontrastive, overactive, procreative, psychoactive, rarefactive, retroactive, stupefactive, thermomotive, unattractive, uncreative, underactive, vasoactive, vegetative

5 syllables:

electromotive, nonautomotive, photorefractive, radioactive, recriminative