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Words That Rhyme With "Combustion" :

2 syllables:

bastion, bussen, bussman, christian, cusson, duchon, duston, faustian, fustian, fuston, gestion, gusman, gussman, guston, husman, husmann, hussman, husson, huston, justen, justin, klusman, kussman, luncheon, musman, mussman, musson, muston, puncheon, question, russman, ruston, scutcheon, suchan, susman, sussman, truchan, truncheon, tuscan

3 syllables:

acquistion, asmussen, congestion, digestion, egestion, escutcheon, etruscan, exhaustion, ingestion, mcchristian, mccutchan, mccutchen, mccutcheon, sebastian, suggestion, unchristian

4 syllables:

antichristian, demibastion, indigestion, inescutcheon, predigestion

5 syllables: