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Words That Rhyme With "Compliant" :

2 syllables:

Brian, Briand, Brion, Bryan, Bryant, buoyant, Chian, client, Dian, eyen, giant, guyot, Hyatt, Hyun, ion, Mayan, mayn't, naiant, pliant, prowant, riant, riot, Ryan, scion, Sion, truant, viand, Wyatt, Zion

3 syllables:

abeyant, affianced, Amphion, Arion, chatoyant, clairvoyant, defiant, endurant, flamboyant, foudroyant, Ghanaian, Hawaiian, Ixion, ophion, Orion, panchayat, pursuant, reliant, Visayan

4 syllables:

anthocyan, Chipewyan, incompliant, Paraguayan, supergiant