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Words That Rhyme With "Corresponding" :

2 syllables:

banding, bending, binding, blending, blinding, bonding, bounding, branding, codding, conning, daunting, dawning, donning, ending, fawning, fending, finding, flaunting, fondling, founding, funding, godding, grinding, grounding, handing, haunting, hounding, landing, lauding, lending, mending, minding, mounding, nodding, onding, plodding, prodding, rending, rounding, sanding, sending, sounding, standing, stranding, taunting, tending, thrombin, trending, vaunting, vending, wending, winding, wounding, yawning

3 syllables:

abounding, absconding, amending, applauding, ascending, astounding, attending, befriending, commanding, commending, confounding, contending, defending, defrauding, defunding, demanding, descending, disbanding, extending, intending, marauding, nonbinding, offending, outstanding, portending, pretending, prothrombin, rebounding, refunding, relending, reminding, rescinding, resounding, responding, surrounding, transcending, unbending, unending, unwinding, withstanding

4 syllables:

apprehending, comprehending, condescending, notwithstanding, recommending, undemanding, understanding, unpretending

5 syllables:

misunderstanding, overextending, uncomprehending