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Words That Rhyme With "Creaky" :

2 syllables:

achy, Beattie, beaty, Becky, Blakey, bleakly, brickie, checky, cheeky, chequy, chicly, dickey, dickie, dicky, flakey, flaky, freaky, geeky, gleety, hickey, icky, ikey, lakey, laky, Leakey, leaky, Lecky, Mbeki, meaty, meekly, mickey, Mickie, micky, mikey, nickey, nicky, Nike, Nikki, peaky, peaty, pecky, picky, psyche, quaky, quickie, quicky, seki, shaky, sickie, skete, sleekly, sleeky, sleepy, sleety, snaky, sneaky, spiky, squeaky, sticky, streaky, sweepy, sweetie, techie, teepee, tepee, tiki, tipi, titi, Vicki, Vickie, Vicky, viti, weakly, weekly, weepie, weepy, yeakey

3 syllables:

antiquely, biweekly, dashiki, gimmicky, graffiti, Malpighi, midweekly, obliquely, principe, prosekey, Tahiti, triweekly, uniquely, wapiti

4 syllables:

Nefertiti, semiweekly, Tanganyika